Would the cost of living crisis affect your choice of funeral? November 24, 2023

Research carried out by OnePoll asked 1,000 people aged 50 and above whether the current cost of living crisis would make them more likely to select a funeral that only covered an unattended cremation, with no service or mourners, to save money.

The survey was commissioned by the pre-paid funeral plan provider, Ecclesiastical Planning Services, and whilst 43% disclosed that the current economic climate would not affect their funeral choice, 28% of those over 50 said they would be more likely to keep the cost down by purchasing a funeral plan based on an unattended cremation, with no service or mourners. The remaining participants were undecided.

Interestingly, there was a variation in responses across the different age groups. The survey revealed that the current cost of living crisis would limit the funeral selection for 42% of 50-55-year-olds, compared to 24% in the 66-70 age bracket. Furthermore, 55% of the 56-60-year-olds said that their funeral choice would not be affected.

From a regional perspective, the survey further highlighted that 39% of people living in Northern Ireland would choose to save money on their funeral arrangements in this way. This compares to just 13% in the North East of England and 14% in London.

Whilst it’s clear that for many people the financial impact of their funeral is a real concern, these findings show that most over 50s don’t intend to cut costs when it comes to choosing their funeral plan arrangements. Indeed by arranging financial provision via a pre-paid funeral plan, either for a lower cost unattended funeral or a more expensive funeral with a service and mourners, it’s possible to provide real support for loved ones at what can be a difficult time.