What is the best music for a funeral? June 6, 2024

Choosing the right music for a funeral is a thoughtful way to honour your loved one. It will be the first thing mourners hear on their way into a service, what they listen to on the way out, and there are usually hymns, songs, or musical moments for reflection throughout.


However, there are considerations to be made to ensure it is appropriate for the occasion. Here are some tips to guide you:


Consider Mourner Expectations:

    • Balance tradition with more modern preferences.
    • Avoid extreme choices that could offend mourners.
    • Personalize the music to reflect the deceased’s style and tastes.


Solos or Choirs:

    • Mourners may find singing challenging due to raw emotions.
    • Consider booking choirs, soloists, or independent performers.
    • Explore options like gospel, jazz, or hospice choirs.


Location Matters:

    • Cathedrals and churches suit hymns and large crowd singing.
    • Graveside burials (woodland or cemetery) face weather conditions.
    • Crematoria offer Bluetooth or music systems for backing music.


Emotional Impact:

    • Well-chosen music can evoke powerful emotions.
    • Time the music carefully during the service.

Remember, the music should honour your loved one, offer comfort, and reflect their life. Most regular funeral venues also offer full music systems, allowing organisers to play pre-recorded hymns with a choir backing, pop or classical music, or even TV theme tunes. For more info, visit our contact page.