We’ve always pledged to be fair May 20, 2019

Our clients all know we’re open and transparent when it comes to our pricing, and we’re not afraid to shout that from the rooftops either. Which is why all Co-op Funeral Directors across Essex signed the Fair Funeral Pledge almost as soon as it existed.

The Fair Funerals campaign was set up to tackle the fact that buying a funeral can be expensive and confusing if not done through a reputable company. Clear, comparable pricing information is important in all industries, but particularly so for bereaved people under the burden of grief. There can be huge differences in what funeral directors charge, but knowing how fair our fees are, we were quick to register them with the campaign when it was created.

As part of this pledge, we created some low-cost options, and itemised our quotes so clients could see exactly how their bills were created. Fair Funerals Campaign Manager, Heather Kennedy, said; “Chelmsford Star’s Co-op Funeral Directors has listened to local families and the community and recognises the need for an open and transparent discussion about the cost of funerals. This can only benefit the bereaved.”

For more information on our pricing, and the levels of funeral we offer, check out our pricing page.