The best in Essex. Officially. December 22, 2021

We’re thrilled to announce that our wonderful team have been recognised as the Best In Essex for their ‘Excellent Customer Service’ in the Countywide Business Awards 2021.

The team have won multiple customer service awards in the past, but to have done so again in 2021 – a year that has been fraught with difficulties for everyone due to the coronavirus pandemic, but uniquely difficult for the funeral industry – is something we are hugely proud of.

Our focus has always been on our clients and their families, but over the last 20 months or so we’ve had to find new ways to meet their needs and to keep adapting to ever-changing legislation. Our clients, who are already grieving when we first meet them, have had added traumas brought about by a range of (necessary) COVID-restrictions. Where our Family Liaison Officers were used to finding ways to meet family requests in how their departed loved ones were celebrated, now they found themselves having to deny many of their simplest wishes. No gatherings. No more than six at a service. No singing. It was exceptionally difficult.

Instead, our team have had to adapt, finding new ways to meet our clients’ needs. When our bereavement group meetings were stopped, we kept in touch over the phone. When our offices were closed we introduced telephone appointments, and we rebuilt our website to allow more online support and services.

For our team to be recognised for their Excellent Customer Service within any year would be fantastically rewarding, but to have been selected as winners after the last year of heartache and trials is truly outstanding.

Thank you.