Pre-paid funeral plans

Is it time to take out a pre-paid funeral plan?

Unfortunately there is only one guarantee in life, and that is that it won’t last forever. At Co-op Funeral Directors, we’re all for squeezing as much out of it as we can. Take that holiday. Meet those friends. Try that thing you’ve always wanted to try. Then, once you’ve done all that, why not take a few minutes to consider planning your ultimate send off?

Funeral costs have more than doubled in the last 10 years, and are rising faster than house prices. One of the biggest fears raised by our clients is that they don’t want their children paying for their funeral. By planning ahead, not only can you ensure your send off will be exactly how you plan, but you could also be saving your family thousands of pounds at a time when the last thing they’ll want to think about is money.

We’re pretty sure your funeral is a long way away, but pre-paying for it in advance means:

  • It’s inflation proof – costs are covered at today’s prices
  • The cost can be spread across low monthly instalments
  • You can have total peace of mind for your future
  • Your family won’t have the additional stress and expense

The Chelmsford Star Co-operative Society has celebrated its 150th anniversary, so you can be confident in the experience of our funeral services. They’ve won lots of awards for their customer service too.

You can request a pre-payment plan information pack via the form HERE.

Not quite ready to take out a pre-payment plan? No rush. We’ll be here when you are.

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