Designing and printing an Order of Service

Our Funeral Directors at Chelmsford Star are happy to arrange for your Order of Service to be designed and printed according to your wishes, for a small fee.

We recommend a four or eight page A5 leaflet, creatively designed and personalised to the individual who has died.

The front cover of an Order of Service

It is usual to add a lovely photo of the deceased on the front, their full legal name, their year of birth and death, plus the date and location of the service. Many people keep their Orders of Service and look back at them to remind them of the deceased. Therefore it is recommended you choose a high resolution photo that portrays the individual in the way in which they would like to be remembered.

Inside an Order of Service

The itinerary is included on the inside, with the words to any hymns or music that the mourners will be invited to sing, as well as the Lord’s Prayer, if a Christian funeral. It will show the exact Order of Service, detailing who will be speaking when it comes to each section of the running order.

The back page of an Order of Service

On the back page, you may add another photo. It is also usual to include details of any charities or beneficiaries from any collection with details to any online collection sites or tributes, plus a thank you to the Funeral Directors who have conducted the service.

It is also useful to include details about where the burial or wake is going to be held, so people know what action they need to take next.

Further information

If you have any questions about creating an Order of Service, please do not hesitate to speak to one of our Chelmsford Star Funeral Directors.