Pentecostal funeral service


At Co-op Funeral Directors, we have experience of organising Pentecostal funeral services and can assist with arranging a personal service to celebrate the life of your loved one. Please contact a member of our team who are on hand to provide support and advice.

Below is some further information on Pentecostal funeral traditions.

Pentecostal beliefs on death

Pentecostalism is a segment of Christianity which grew out of evangelical Christianity. It is culturally and racially very diverse in nature and, as it comprises over 700 distinct denominations, funeral services can vary widely.

Pentecostals believe in Heaven and Hell and that souls exist eternally.

Pentecostal funeral venue & rituals

Pentecostal funeral customs are very similar to those of Protestant Christianity with flowers and donations being common place.

The funeral wishes of the deceased are carried out, with family members also making suggestions regarding choice of Bible readings and hymns.

Pentecostal funeral services are led by a Church Minister and the ceremony is more animated and vivacious than that of a Protestant service. Typically, the minister will give condolences to the family of the deceased, deliver a sermon and conclude with the Lord’s Prayer.

Embalming is a regular practice, as many families request for the casket to be left open in the church, so the congregation can say their goodbyes and view the body.

Cremation is permitted but, in many cases, Pentecostals will be buried at a local cemetery with a committal from the Church Minister. Family members may participate in the back-filling of the earth after the coffin has been lowered into the ground.

A large reception usually follows and during this time friends and family share stories and fond memories of the deceased.

Funeral etiquette

An increasing trend in the Pentecostal church is for mourners to wear white to funerals as a celebration of the deceased entering heaven or to symbolise the resurrection of the body.

However, many Penecostal churches don’t have a strict dress-code so mourners may prefer to wear brightly coloured or dark sombre clothes – it is best to check before attending.

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