How much does a funeral cost?

One of the first questions we are asked when a loved one dies is ‘how much is their funeral going to cost’. We understand how important it is for family members to know upfront how much the fees are likely to be – to help reduce the worry at a time of acute grief and distress.

As long-stand funeral directors in Essex, serving our local communities, Co-op Funeral Directors are here to help you arrange a funeral that is a fitting send off for the person who has died, with a transparent pricing structure to help you choose the right funeral for your loved one.

The Funeral Services Team’s fees

Our highly experienced team offers extensive support when it comes to managing and organising a funeral. The main part of our overall fee covers the expertise of our Funeral Services Team, who will liaise with you in advance of the funeral to handle the arrangements. It also covers the hearse, the pallbearers who carry the coffin into and from the church or crematorium, the fee for the funeral director who will conduct the funeral service, our administration costs, bringing the deceased into our care, plus preparation and care of the deceased.

We also include an amount to cover the crematorium, the minister’s fee and the doctor’s fee for the death certificate. However, please be aware that this amount could increase as the fees for the venues and ministers/celebrants vary across Essex and church fees are additional. We also charge a fee to have a body embalmed, if requested.

Choice of coffin or urn

We offer a wide selection of coffins, which can be viewed at our Danbury and Chelmsford branches, and we also have a brochure which shows the different choice of materials and handles that are available. We include the price of a Basic or Norfolk wooden coffin in our fees, depending on the package chosen.

However, you may opt for a different coffin – very popular at the moment are eco coffins made from materials such as wicker, or picture coffins which can be personalised with images or hobbies that reflect the interests of the person who has passed away. We can also provide a selection of urns or tubes for ashes.

How to choose funeral transport

A Jaguar hearse and limousine both come as part of our Standard fee package.  However, we can also provide other options, including additional limousines for family and friends, a horse drawn hearse carriage, even a motorbike hearse, lorry hearse or pink Daimler hearse. We also have access to grey and white hearses.

Additional costs

Other costs to consider include:

  • Local authority fees for medical and death certificates
  • A death notice in the local paper (which we can arrange, if required). Obituaries tend to be free
  • Order of service sheets (which we can create and print, if required)
  • Flowers (which we can arrange, if required)
  • The wake – including venue and refreshments
  • A grave plot, which can be extremely expensive
  • A headstone or memorial plaque (which we can help with, if required)

Is there a way to reduce the cost of a funeral?

There are a number of important factors to check when looking at costs:

  • Co-op Funeral Directors in Essex offer differently-priced fees, depending on services required. For example, our fees are less if we, as the funeral directors, can choose the funeral date and time and if you are happy to have a basic coffin and no limousine
  • A cremation is also cheaper than a burial, with around three in four people in the UK choosing this option
  • You can also spread payments through a payment plan
  • Payment can also be arranged from the deceased’s assets, once the will and probate has been dealt with
  • It is also important to check whether the deceased had a pre-payment plan to cover the cost of their funeral.

For further information about arranging a funeral, or on pre-payment plans, please contact us.

We can help you with all your funeral planning arrangements