Many funeral venues are chosen because they hold a meaningful connection to loved ones, be it a place of worship or private venue. However, with numerous guests travelling in at the same time, the wake, and other costs to consider, there is additional important criteria to bear in mind.

Funeral venue accessibility

Funeral guests are usually expected to arrive at the service venue before the funeral procession, which makes timing very important. The location should therefore be as accessible as possible, taking into account how far guests must travel, traffic delays and how easy it is to find.

The venue doesn’t have to be changed to meet these needs, however. Instead, fully prepare guests with clear directions and recommended departure times in advance, with particular attention given to those that live far away. You could also recommend places to stay the night before to lower their risk of running late.

It’s also worth printing out directions for procession drivers if they must take a complicated or long route, as processions often move slowly and in a structured convoy. You can read more about coordinating funeral processions here.

Funeral venue hire cost

A standard funeral with us costs £3,464, but this figure can change depending on the crematorium or venue chosen. See our pages on ‘How much does a funeral cost’ for more information.

Some religions, for example, only charge fees to cover basic amenities. Non-religious funerals, on the other hand, can take place anywhere from your loved one’s home to a golf club, meaning fees can range from nothing to thousands of pounds.

Costs should always be agreed before making further arrangements around the venue, be it a place of worship or private location.

Organising a wake

Previously, wakes traditionally took place in the loved one’s home and before the funeral service, but these conventions have changed over the years.

Many modern wakes happen after the funeral and at a hired venue, such as a funeral home, village hall or pub. It’s a good idea to choose a location with significance to your loved one but also one that’s close to the funeral service and appropriately sized for guests. You can read more about organising a wake here.

Choosing a venue can be a difficult balance between accessibility and meaningfulness, so contact us first to make the decision as easy as possible.

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