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Biodegradable urns are rising in popularity with environmental awareness at the forefront of people’s minds. There’s something soothing about loved ones being returned to nature in a beautiful, yet temporary vessel.

But given the sheer variety of biodegradable urns available, here’s our guide to what they are and how they work.

How do biodegradable urns work?

All biodegradable urns disappear over time, allowing the loved one’s remains to be absorbed by the surrounding earth or water. This happens through a natural process of decomposition and as a result, the urns must be made of biodegradable materials.

Popular choices include paper, wood, leaves, peat, salt, soluble bags and even corn starch. These all break down at different speeds and can last from seconds to decades.

Biodegradable urns must be wholly biodegradable to seamlessly disintegrate, so ensure even colourings derive from natural dyes from plants or clay. Always check with the seller if you’re unsure what a particular urn is made from.

What types of biodegradable urns are there?

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The wide range of designs biodegradable urns come in is one of their most attractive aspects. These include coastal urns, made to briefly float before sinking at sea; wooden urns, designed to disintegrate into the earth over years; soluble urns, which quickly break down on contact with water and tree urns, where a seed uses the loved one’s minerals to sprout new life.

There are many ways to personalise a send-off with a biodegradable urn, given the only common denominator is they disappear over time.

How much do biodegradable urns cost?

The simplicity of biodegradable urns makes them easy and inexpensive to produce, with one available for every budget.

Soluble water bags can cost as little as £4, for example, while paper-based and parcel urns can go up to £65 depending on the detail. The other end of the spectrum sees rock salt urns at around £100, bamboo ones for £150 and tree urns costing between £100 and £300.

Designers can also be commissioned to make customised urns for a variety of prices, so don’t hesitate to look around.

Further information

Biodegradable urns are one of the most accessible and personalised ways to lay loved ones to rest. If you have any questions about choosing a biodegradable urn, please do not hesitate to speak to one of our Chelmsford Star Funeral Directors.

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