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The spread of COVID-19 has prevented many institutions and places of worship from holding gatherings, including funeral services. However, there are ways services can be held for friends and family safely.

Live streaming a funeral service

Broadcasting your loved one’s funeral can bring friends and family together, no matter where they are in the world. This is relatively simple to set up, and some venues can do this for you.

First, consider what platform you want to stream the service through. Facebook is the most popular choice as it will notify your connected friends and let them seamlessly watch from the website or app. You can encourage them to interact through comments if they wish, and schedule a specific time for the broadcast to start.

It’s important to select your desired privacy setting before starting a broadcast. Facebook lets you choose from a public stream, one for all friends or one for specific friends who you’ve invited. Visit the Facebook Help Centre to find out more.

Most modern smartphones provide more than enough quality to record a service and can easily stream to Facebook via the app. You can hold the device and walk viewers through the ceremony or set up a hands-free tripod (many selfie sticks come with a simple tripod). Most venues have spaced chairs apart to adhere to social distancing rules, so there should be plenty of room for the equipment.

You could also hire professional equipment or a camera operator to capture the funeral in the highest possible quality. This is a good idea if you want to save the recording as a video after the live stream.

If you want to livestream the event, you will need to check your chosen venue has strong enough broadband to support it first. Speak with our funeral directors for guidance on this.

Holding a memorial service

A memorial service can allow you to mourn the death of your loved one in the way you or they would have chosen at a later date.

The service can be held months after your loved one’s passing, after the current restrictions have been relaxed, so you can take time to get in touch with friends and family, home and abroad, and choose a date that is most suitable for everyone to attend.

You will have many different venues to choose from, given memorial services can be organised far in advance. You will be able to consider popular religious sites or vistas where a traditional funeral might not be possible, or even your loved one’s favourite pub or meeting spot.

Memorial services can also be conducted in a similar way to funeral services and can include eulogies, music and a religious leader or celebrant. Contact our funeral directors for help in making such arrangements.

Our funeral directors can offer many ways to hold a service for loved ones. Get in touch for support and guidance.

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