Over 50s would choose to spend final 24 hours with ‘family, friends and partners’ or ‘in the pub’ April 28, 2023

New research reveals how people aged 50 and above would choose to spend their time if they were given just 24 hours to live. Spending time with family and friends or a romantic partner and in the pub were all popular responses.

The survey was conducted by OnePoll on behalf of pre-paid funeral plan provider Ecclesiastical Planning Services. The results provided interesting reading with some common themes emerging.

Many people said they would spend their time with children, grandchildren or close friends, and personal relationships were highly prioritised by a large proportion of respondents. People also specified natural surroundings as places they would most like to spend this time with their loved ones, including forest areas and coastal areas like Cornwall.

Another popular theme was around spending the time with a romantic partner, often in a place of particular significance to the couple.

The survey also revealed an interesting selection of more alternative answers. For example, a large number of respondents said they would choose to spend their last day on earth in their favourite pub. ‘Doing something very messy knowing someone else will have to clear up the mess, eating whatever I want sensible or not’ was how one respondent put it. Eating fish and chips by the sea, watching a favourite sport, drinking champagne and saying goodbye to friends were also activities that featured frequently. But perhaps the most amusing response came from a respondent who has a clear final priority, who said: “Writing lists for my husband so he knows what to do and how to work things like the washing machine”.

Craig Jackson, our Funeral Operations manager, said: “It is fascinating to read these responses as they really shed light on the things over 50s consider to be most important. Of course, no-one wants to think about their final days or what should happen after their passing. But in the days following a death, funeral arrangements become a real focus for those left behind. We deal with pre-paid funeral plans and see what a difference they can make to families, by ensuring wishes are known and financial provision is in place.”