Funeral division signs Fair Funeral pledge June 24, 2016

In the last six months five co-operatives around the UK have signed the Fair Funeral pledge. East of England, Lincolnshire, Scotmid, Tamworth and Heart of England co-ops – a total of nearly 100 branches – have all joined with us in campaigning against funeral poverty.

Today we’re pleased to announce that Chelmsford Star Co-op has also signed the pledge. It has operated in funerals since 1936 and currently has seven funeral branches – Braintree, Broomfield, Danbury, Great Baddow, Ingatestone, Writtle, and Great Dunmow – based across mid-Essex.

The Fair Funerals campaign launched the pledge last year to tackle the fact that buying a funeral can be expensive and confusing. Clear, comparable pricing information is particularly important for bereaved people because the burden of grief can make us very vulnerable as consumers.

We tend not to like to shop around for the best price, and are often unaware there are huge differences in what funeral directors charge.

Craig Jackson, Funeral Operations Manager for Chelmsford Star Co-op commented: “Chelmsford Star Co-operative Funeral Services recognises that for some people, funding the cost of a funeral can be a serious worry. By promoting the Fair Funeral pledge, we hope that it may give people in this difficult situation reassurance, that we will stand by them and provide a dignified yet affordable funeral, deserved of their loved one.”

Fair Funerals Campaign Manager, Heather Kennedy, said: “It’s great to see another Co-op society following its values and signing up to the Fair Funeral pledge. We hope that many more will soon be joining us. Chelmsford Star has listened to local families and the community and recognises the need for an open and transparent discussion about the cost of funerals and this can only benefit the bereaved.”

Over 560 funeral directors have signed the pledge

Since the pledge was launched, more than 560 funeral directors have signed up. In joining, they agree to:

  •  Recognise that funerals are expensive and that many people find this difficult to pay
  • Have the cheapest funeral option clearly visible to the public, including any disbursements
  • Charge clear prices for goods and services so people know what they’re buying and communicate prices in initial conversations while prominently displaying full price lists.