Coronavirus Update for Clients March 24, 2020

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We are exceptionally proud of our Family Liaison Officers and Funeral Operatives who continue to work as normal as possible during the developing Coronavirus situation. We would ask that you help us protect both them and our clients by taking all necessary steps to minimise direct contact.

Please be patient, and understand that we are having to impose certain restrictions that we would not normally consider. We continue to work with the highest levels of dignity and respect towards both our clients and your loved one. However, we must ask for your help:

  • If you have symptoms or have come into contact with someone with symptoms, follow NHS guidance on self-isolation and do not put our colleagues at risk.
  • We would encourage all arrangements to be made over the telephone or via email.
  • If you have to attend our premises, you must make an appointment first.
  • In these cases, we can accept only two immediate family members into our arrangement rooms at one time.

Currently, we are still offering a reduced visitation service to our Chapels Of Rest, where we can accommodate very small numbers of family with a prior appointment. However, this facility is likely to be removed in the very near future.

As cemeteries, crematoriums, church groups and other venues put in place strict restrictions on the type of services available, and the number of people who can attend those services due to ‘social distancing’ advice, we will very soon move towards a basic direct funeral service. This is where only the immediate family will be allowed to attend a very short committal service. Our limousine service has already been withdrawn from new arrangements. We want you to be prepared for this.

Due to the anticipated increase in demand on our services, we are unable to delay or postpone funerals, and as such all funerals will be booked to take place at the earliest possible date and time. We ask for your understanding as to why this has to happen.

As we move through this pandemic, we feel that the likelihood is that unattended basic funerals will be a requirement relatively soon. When this happens we want you to know that we will do all we can to ensure that you can arrange a fitting tribute for your loved one when the current restrictions are lifted. That means that we will help and advise you on planning a Memorial Service or Service of Thanksgiving where we honour your loved one in a way that we are unable to at the moment.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team of committed funeral professionals who are here to serve you and your family at this intensely difficult time. Specific branch details can be found here or use our freephone number out of office hours: 0800 028 48 08.