Choosing an Eco-option for your final celebration September 12, 2019

For those wishing to preserve and protect our environment, eco-friendly funerals have become increasingly popular. After all, protecting the environment is something that many people feel passionate about throughout their lives, so why would it be any different when it comes to their final celebration?

Whilst not a topic many of us wish to discuss, if an eco-friendly funeral is important to you (which it is to 77% of British citizens) it is essential you talk about your wishes with your loved ones.

We’re now seeing a surge in the number of woodland burials taking place, with our closest burial ground being the beautiful Old Park Meadow, 34 acres of wildflower meadows and woodland between Chelmsford and Great Dunmow. Find out more on Old Park Meadow here. Our range of eco-friendly coffins and caskets have grown to reflect the demand, with willow coffins currently the most environmentally friendly, but seagrass and cardboard options are also available.

With over half of the UK population now wanting a personal hand in the planning of their funeral, and three quarters wanting to pay for it themselves, an ideal solution may be to speak to one of our team about a pre-payment plan. This will ensure all your wishes will be adhered to, including the request for an environmentally friendly burial. It will also protect your family against inflation and rising funeral prices in the future. You can find out more here.

Some people choose to pre-pay for their funeral in full, so they can forget about it and get on with enjoying their lives. Others chose to set up regular payments over a number of years. Either option gives peace of mind, as they know all wishes will be adhered to, and that their arrangements are in the hands of a well-established local business that has been trusted by generations of families over the decades.

You can plan as much or as little of your final celebration as you wish, and if that means keeping it simple, sustainable, eco-friendly, and ultimately more affordable, then so much the better.

To contact one of our team to discuss further, click here.